As a representative for the LionHeart Risk Management Group, I have the opportunity to help you and your family protect yourselves and your rights.  I can provide you with a Pre-Paid Legal Life Events Legal Plan that will give you access to quality lawyers for almost any situation you may encounter.  If you are a member of the plan, for one monthly fee you get the following benefits:

- Will Preparation and annual updates
- Unlimited contract and document review
- Unlimited letters and phone calls on your behalf
- Free legal consultation and advice
- Motor vehicle legal services, both minor violations such as speeding tickets and major violations such as vehicular homicide or manslaughter
- Up to 75 hours of trial time if you or your spouse are named defendant for covered civil or criminal actions filed in court
- IRS audit legal services if you receive written notice of an IRS audit

Again, all of the above benefits are included - there is no additional cost should you need to use any or all of them.

Have you ever...Have you ever...

  • Been overcharged for a repair?
  • Received a speeding ticket?
  • Been audited?
  • Purchased a home?
  • Had problems with an insurance claim?
  • Tried to return a defective product?
  • Lost a security deposit?
  • Signed a contract?
  • Been treated unfairly or taken advantage of? 
  • Prepared a will?

Even though most people find themselves in these situations, the majority do not seek the advice or help of a qualified lawyer. Why?

  • It may cost too much.
  • They may not know where to begin.
  • The process is intimidating.

You only get as much justice as you can afford. If you don't know your rights, you simply don't have any! The top 10% of income earners can afford to have a lawyer on retainer and are accustomed to asking their lawyer for advice before making decisions. What about you?

With Pre-Paid Legal:

  • You know who to call.
  • You're treated like the firm's most important client.
  • A one year membership costs less than ONE HOUR of many lawyers' time.
  • You are empowered by knowing your legal rights.

Without Pre-Paid Legal:

  • You may try to handle it yourself.
  • You'll likely receive as much justice as you can afford.
  • You may pay hundreds of dollars for ONE HOUR of a lawyer's time.
  • If you don't know your rights, you don't have any!

Pre-Paid Legal "levels the playing field" in the justice system. With a Pre-Paid legal plan you can say, "I'm going to talk to my lawyer about this." -- and mean it!

Do me a favor: Call or e-mail me and let me send you a 6 minute audio file to listen to at your leisure, and in just six minutes you'll learn more about how to protect your family and shift the balance of power in your favor.  

Free Bonus: When you contact me to request the audio file, I will send you a document that details how you can protect your family online and your home computers from viruses and hackers.  Included in the material will be links to free or low-cost software that you can install on your computer to protect it, as well as tips for ensuring your entire family is safe when using the web.  The material in the document has been collected and summarized over my many years as an information security expert, and I want you to have it at no cost, and with no obligation.

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